Areas where most Gold is found throughout Australia.
All of our Gold is found in the Golden Triangle of Victoria
Welcome to AUSTRALIAN GOLD SALES All our gold nuggets for sale are found in the Golden Triangle of Victoria. The Victorian Gold Fields is renown to produce nuggets of gold purity 98% and higher. Our Gold Nuggets have been cleaned, leaving the total weight being of all Gold with some specimens having quartz.
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Gold Nuggets Under 3 Grams Gold Nuggets Under 4 grams Gold Nuggets Under 2 Grams Clusters of Gold Nuggets Larger Nuggets Quartz Specimens
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Australian Gold Nuggets for Sale
Clusters of Gold Nuggets
Lot 1 - Cluster of 14 pieces weighing 4.96 grams $347 Lot 3 - Cluster of 6 pieces weighing 3.44 grams $241
Lot 1
Lot 3
3.44g - $241
4.96g - $347
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